To all of you that took time out of your day to have a little "Global Cat Day" fun with us on our Facebook page, you rock! 

The photos you submitted of your furry (and a few not so furry) friends were fantastic! I'll admit, I'm a little envious of those of you who have cats that will pose calmly under the Christmas tree. At the age of eight, Dakota still thinks he's a kitten and will try to climb up ours to hang out in the branches like he did many, many years ago.  That cat is a behemoth who's 14 pound weight topples the tree...every...single...time. ::face palm::

Scrolling through some of the kitten pictures, I got to wondering how he'd react to another cat being in the house and if he'd get along with a kitten. I brought him home in October 2011 when he was eight weeks old, so between the kitten pictures you shared and the ones of Kota coming up in my Facebook memories right now, I have serious kitten fever.

If you do too and you've had the conversation with everyone in your family that you will indeed add a kitten to the bunch, Friday, October 18 is the day to adopt! Our friends at Simply Cats are hosting #FreeFriday where they wave the adoption fee for all cats less than six months old.  Normally the adoption fee for a kitten is $85.

Now, don't think that Simply Cats is just going to hand you a kitten and you're out the door.  The adoption process takes 20-30 minutes and is full of great information from their staff that will help your new kitten adjust to life in your home.

Plus, with that extra $85 in your pocket you'll be able to put it toward some essentials you'll need like a litter box, litter and scoop and some fun toys for kitty like a Turbo Scratcher! Kota loved his...until he ate all the cardboard in the middle. ::rolls eyes::

When I checked this morning there were 12 cuties under the age of six months available according to their website, but according to their Facebook page more kittens will be ready to adopt by Friday!

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