If we could get coordinated on this, our parking problems would be solved and we would forever avoid knicks and door dings in crowded parking lots.  But you know somebody in Boise is not going to get the message and mess it up for all of us.

A TikTok user named BigBruva captured a video in a parking lot and captioned it, "How to properly park in a parking space."  He pointed out that maybe we've been doing it wrong this whole time, aiming for the center of the parking space instead of the line on the driver's side.

In the video, every car has its tires directly on the left line of the parking space instead of in the center of the space.  With every car in the parking lot stamping the line and evenly spaced, it leaves plenty of room on either side for passengers and drivers to get in and out of their vehicles without knicking, scratching, and dinging neighboring cars.

The video has been viewed over 4 million times, and as you can imagine, some people are all about it, hoping mass coordination can save us all a trip to the dent popper. One wise soul points out, "It only works if everyone did this, though, which would never happen."  Exactly.  Even if Idaho lawmakers passed a measure that required us all to have at least part of the left tires touching the left line, at least a few Boise rebels would probably buck the trend and keep parking in the center for the heck of it. These are probably the same people the straddle the left line now, only it's not on purpose, and they'll only hit the center if it's the rebellious thing to do.  Drivers!  But it's not 2020 anymore and we're all happy to be out of the house dealing with these things.  Yes, yes we are.

Here's another thing.  One of the TikTok viewers points out the new viral parking hack may not be that bright of an idea because "It’s the exact same as everyone parking in the center."  So there's that.

If you see any left-line parkers in your holiday weekend travels, snap a pic and tag us on Facebook.  It may not be on purpose, but at least it's proof that it can be done.

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