We can’t speak for everyone, but we’d put money down on a bet that right now there are A LOT of people frustrated with the parking situation in Boise, especially downtown. 

For whatever reason, the powers that be thought it would be a good idea to approve the construction of projects like the Saratoga Apartments on Front Street, Hotel Renegade at 11th and Grove and the Sparrow Hotel to all take place at the same time. That’s on top of the Rebuild 11th Street project which KTVB reports is replacing underground infrastructure from the 1950s. It’s definitely needed, but certainly an inconvenience to people looking for a place to park in Downtown Boise. 

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The construction projects have greatly reduced the amount of public street parking. Even if you do find a space, you’ll likely be met with that feeling of disappointment you get when you THOUGHT you found an open spot, only to realize there was a hood over the meter.

Daniel Deitschel

The parking situation has forced a lot of people who normally wouldn’t choose to pay for parking in downtown garages into those structures. If you’re lucky enough to get a spot, you may find yourself there for a LONG time if there’s a major event wrapping up. 

For example, we parked in the Hotel 43 garage during one of the final regular season Steelheads games of the season because the BoDo, Capitol Terrace (Main + Marketplace) and Hampton Inn garages were all full. The game and a nearby prom ended at the same time. It nearly an hour to pay for our parking and finally exit the garage. The ridiculous line was only alleviated when whoever was responsible for that garage that night decided to raise the exit arm and stop collecting paid parking cards. 

Situations like this may make you think about creating your own parking space because you just don’t have time for this…well, you know. We hear your frustrations, but you can’t just park anywhere you’d like. The City of Boise has a lengthy list of prohibited parking areas not just downtown but throughout its limits. 

Where are they? How much will it cost you if you get caught parking there? We jumped into the most recent Fee and Fines document from the City of Boise to find out. 

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