If you're still deciding what to name your truck, Betsy is probably on your short list, according to a new poll.  It's one of the top names for pickup trucks in Idaho, and the other top name might surprise you.  Oh, and if your husband considers his truck to be part of your family, he's not alone.  

One-third of Idahoans name their trucks and the top two names are Betsy and Big Red, according to a new poll.  Apparently Big Red applies no matter what color the truck actually is.  I knew a guy once who named his big green truck Big Red, and I never asked why.  You don't question a guy and his truck.

The poll makers said fifty-seven percent of truck owners consider their pickup to be part of the family, and thirty-eight percent say they love their pickup more than any other belonging. Sixty percent said they can't live without their truck.  The survey didn't ask wives to weigh in.

The most popular truck in America is the Ford F150, and USA Today said, based on vehicle registrations, it's the most popular truck in Idaho too.

The moment I moved here, I knew I had landed in F150-ville.  I always seemed to have one in front of me and behind me, and all of the drivers were friendly, giving me that good ole two-finger wave just to say hey.  It's that split-second how-do-you-do where the hand never leaves the steering wheel and it seems to be a reflex for all dudes and their Betsys.

We love ya, truck owners.  And if you haven't settled on a name yet, there are more suggestions HERE.

Thanks for helping the rest of move the fridge and bring bulky things home from the hardware store.  We couldn't do it without ya.

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