In the past, I've shared my challenge in getting my 7 year-old's room cleaned up.  The biggest problem was his love for art and hundreds of drawings spread around the house. 

This past weekend, we bit the bullet, and created a storage location called the "Drawing Drawer," and a job for my son to sort through what must have been 400 pages of his drawings.

They were everywhere.  On his desk, by his bed, under his bed, hanging on the side of the dresser, in the living room, the kitchen, my office, my get the idea.  We gathered them up and he set out to sort the ones he would keep in the new drawer (a large cabinet) and the ones "he no longer needed."

He did it.  It took a couple hours and some very difficult decisions to let some go, but he got the majority of them sorted out.  We then set out on the toys and deciding what we could give to other kids who don't have as much.

By the end of a few hours, we had a clean house, organized drawings, and even a clean room that we could now walk through without "squishing" his drawings.

I also contributed some desk organization with markers, colored pencils, and crayons each getting a drawer and going back in their boxes.  We're going to try to do a better job of "depositing" new art into the drawer for "safe keeping," and I'm certain my organized drawers will quickly be co-mingled for creativity.

It's all good.  We worked as a team and made it through the daunting task.