Who is that? Whoa, they scare me! No, we aren't best friends. These are things said at the office holiday party. There are 7 types of people. Think about your party...which one were you? 

We had our office holiday party last night and I can identify every single one of these people. It was a pretty chill party but personalities come out regardless.
Get ready to find yourself (or assign a co-worker) to the following personalities:
  1. The one who drinks too much.
  2. The one who only talks about work (so awkward and unnecessary)
  3. The one you forgot worked there.
  4. The one who scares you.
  5. The one who is inappropriate.
  6. The one who wants to be your new best friend.
  7. The "plus one" (which is the worst at someone else's work party)