When Echosmith rolls into town this weekend for the Boise Music Festival, you might catch a glimpse of at least one of the members at Starbucks before the show.

Echosmith is a group made of siblings - Sydney, Noah and Graham Sierota - and they've been singing together and playing instruments since childhood growing up in Chino, California.  They released their first album in 2013.

Those are the basics, but here are some things I bet you didn't know about the band.

5 Things to Know About BMF Artist Echosmith

1.  One sibling is no longer with the band.  The oldest brother, Jamie, was a co-lead singer with Sydney and played guitar with the band for the first several years, but he left the band in 2016 to concentrate on fatherhood.

2. Sydney has a fashion line in the Hollister Collection.  Sydney impressed the bosses at Hollister when the band was part of an anti-bullying campaign with the company in 2016, and they asked her to join them to put out a line of tops and bottoms that were vintage, fun, and versatile.

3.  Noah really likes fancy frappucinos.  @Echosmith tweeted on Saturday, "Starbucks has fancy Frappuccino’s now and I like it"  And then @driveinitagain replied and said, "...okay, so we DO have fancy frappes now--I work at a Starbucks--but making them all day sucks."  Ha.  Do any Boise baristas want to whip up an icy frappe for Noah?  He may need one.  It's going to be sunny and 86 on Saturday.

4. Graham is the youngest member of the band.  He's 19 now, but when the band first started he was a tween, and he was fifteen when they put out their first record.  He's the drummer for the band and he really likes avocados.  @grahamsierota tweeted, "Why is guacamole so good?"  We have no idea Graham, and we wonder the same thing.  We also have some great Boise restaurants that you should totally try to get your fix while you're here.

5.  Echosmith will tour with Pentatonix later this summer.  The closest show will be in Salt Lake City on July 12th, so see them here at BMF while you can!

The Boise Music Festival is coming up Saturday, June 23rd, at Expo Idaho in Garden City from 10 am to 10 pm.

Echosmith will take the main stage at 5:30.  Don't miss it!

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