This is the biggest online dating week of the year, with a fresh new crop of people looking for love. Not all of them are putting emphasis on the importance of a good profile picture.  Surely you can add to this list of profile pic pet peeves!

Good Morning America pointed out last week that having a good profile picture is key to having a successful time on the dating apps, especially this week when the dating apps are at peak activity.  Not everyone is taking that to heart.

Sunday, January 6th was the busiest day of the year for the dating apps with saying there was a 70 percent spike in activity.  That makes this Friday, January 11th "first date Friday," according to  We'll have a few days to sort through all of the messages and chat with our favorite potential catches, and by Friday we'll be ready to meet up for happy hour.

It's a challenge, isn't it?  I've been single for about five years and I've been on the dating apps off and on during that time, so I've had plenty of time to become perplexed by some of the profile pictures.  I'm sure there is a reason for posting the crazy ones or no picture at all, but if you're in it to find a nice guy that wants a serious relationship, sorting through the varied profile pictures can be a bit like having to drive through the run-down part of town on the way to the Ritz.  You just hope you don't get side-tracked by something iffy along the way.

I know you can add to this list.

5 Profile Pic Pet Peeves on Dating Apps

Jen Austin - Townsquare Media

1.  It's non-existent.  This immediately makes us wonder if you're married and putting up a secret profile without your wife's knowledge.  Or if you're running from the law or just totally lacking in ambition.



Jen Austin - Townsquare Media

2.  It's just a body part, and usually a tattooed arm or leg. We'd like to know how to find you when we meet at the coffee shop, and this isn't enough to go on.




Jen Austin - Townsquare Media

3.  It's a postcard scene.  We don't want to have to guess what the hidden meaning is behind every landscape picture.  We just want to see your face to know if you have good teeth and a killer smile.




Jen Austin - Townsquare Media

4.  It's a saying that belongs on a bulletin board.  Again, we want to see straight teeth and a good smile more than poems, at least at this point.




Jen Austin - Townsquare Media

5.  It's not you.  Sylvester the Cat made a living out of chasing Tweety Bird so we assume you like the chase.  But we'd still rather see your face to make sure you are human.




Don't you hate it when you see fifteen pictures in a row that you're not crazy about and you're swiping left at a feverish pace, and then you see one you like but your thumb is already in the habit of flying left so fast you miss the chance to swipe right, accidentally send it left, and it's gone forever?  Dang it!  That was probably the one, and now we're going to have to search the grocery store produce section to see if he's there in person.  Meanwhile, back to the body parts and poems.

Sorting through profile pictures is sort of strangely addicting, kinda like a video game, and sometimes the strategy is to send them all right and see what happens. Sylvester will probably send you a real picture during the message stage and it will all work out.

Good luck this week and have fun!  See you Friday at happy hour.