Maybe, it's because for the better part of the past month eating has felt like a chore but I haven't stopped thinking about sushi for the past three days. 

While trying to will myself out of bed early on Sunday morning, I was scrolling through Twitter when I came to a tweet from the Idaho Press's Community Engagement Editor, Jeanne Huff. It was her birthday so she wanted to treat herself to sushi. She turned to her followers for recommendation.

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"Mmmm, sushi..." I thought to myself, only to realize that trying to rinse rice out of the still very large craters in my mouth left behind by my wisdom teeth surgery would take the joy out of eating it.

But it was Jeanne's birthday. She should enjoy an extra roll! I threw out my the secret gem in my neighborhood as a suggestion - Wasabi Sushi! Located on Apple Street in SE Boise, they've got a huge menu of single rolls, double rolls and tempura maki rolls (my favorite, they're deep friend in tempura batter!)

Apparently, it really is the best kept sushi secret in Boise because it didn't make Yelp's list of highest rated sushi restaurants in Boise. According to their users, here's five other sushi restaurants you can't go wrong at.

  1. Island Sushi & Ramen | 4.5 Stars | 8716 W Fairview Avenue
  2. Paddles Up Poke | 4.5 Stars | 237 N 9th Street
  3. Shogun Sushi | 4.5 Stars | 3640 S Findley Avenue
  4. Maru Sushi | 4 Stars | 9140 W Emerald Street
  5. Sakana Sushi Bar and Grill | 4 Stars | 925 S Vista Avenue

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