We're just two weeks away from all the fun and festivities and Boise City is now talking about yanking one of the all-time best traditions for the 4th of July.


After Snowpocalypse 2017 we all knew flooding was going to be an issue.  We all knew it was coming but we couldn't possibly think of the trickle effect and how many different areas and in what way it would impact our community.  Ann Morrison Park is just a big pile of mush right now from the Boise River overflow and wet, soggy grass is not really optimal conditions to sit or lay down on and watch the fireworks.


The Boise River levels have been falling as of late but it's too little too late.  The grounds of Ann Morrison Park will take months to dry out.  So what's the solution?  What do we do?  Where do we go?  Are the fireworks cancelled, are we moving venues or are we just going to suck it up and get wet?


The answer is that the fireworks most likely will be moved to an alternate location.  Where that is, we don't know yet.  Boise City is currently looking for a large, open area that'll be able to fit thousands of people and have enough room to fire off the fireworks safely.  We'll keep you posted as to where, when, and other details as they become available.


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