With many big retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and Target foregoing big doorbuster sales on Thanksgiving evening in favor of deals throughout the entire month of November, it's no surprise that many people in the Treasure Valley have gotten a jump start on their holiday shopping. 

And hey, we can't blame you! We're still kicking ourselves for missing out on the $199.99 KitchenAid mixer at Target. But as you're checking items off your shopping list this holiday season, it's important to remember our small businesses in Idaho.

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They're really the ones who suffered the most during Idaho's 'Stay Home' order earlier this year. Re-opening meant spending money on supplies they haven't really needed before: hand sanitizer for guests, masks, additional cleaning products...just to name a few. The holiday season provides them with a chance to bounce back.

Unfortunately, we know a lot of you are suffering due to the pandemic as well. You may have lost your job, been furloughed or had your hours cut. You're trying to make ends meet as it is and buying as any gifts as you have in years past is just out of the question.

So how can you support local businesses when you just don't have any money to spare? Here's a couple things you can do without opening your wallet!

Write a Review

If you're anything like me, you'll read review after review before you make a purchase or decide to try a new business. Something in those reviews you read ultimately stood out to you enough to make the decision to give the business a try or not. If you had a positive experience with a local business in the past, your kind words on Google, Yelp or Facebook could be the words that sway someone to shop there this holiday season!

Let's Get Social

Like, comment or share their social media posts! Being on our end of the social media world, we know a thing or two about the way social media algorithms work. Typically, Facebook rewards pages who have more organic engagement by having them turn up in your friend's newsfeed.

Tag a Friend

When it comes to how safe we feel hanging out with people outside of the tiny social circles we've created the past few months, you may not get the opportunity to rave about a small business to your friends in person. Why not draw their attention to it by tagging them in a post?

Spread the Word

Of course, if you do see your friends in person word of mouth is one of the absolute best form of advertising! Tell them all about your favorite local coffee shop, DIY workshop, etc and invite them to tag-a-long with you!


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