With the CDC discouraging large family gatherings for Thanksgiving, smaller celebrations mean more home chefs. After the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole you may be spent. Let one of these local bakeries help out with dessert! 

Just don't try to pass it off as your own like my mom did! When she was PTA President, she'd always contribute an apple pie to whatever function she was attending. It wasn't until they were releasing a PTA cookbook as a fundraiser that she revealed the real recipe for her pie. Go to Costco, grab a frozen pie, bake it at home and bring it warm to the meal you were attending. Everyone got a good laugh out of it!

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Any who, if you need a good pie for Thanksgiving reach out to these bakeries sooner rather than later since we know they'll be slammed over the next few days!

By the way, Boise Pie Co would've made this list but they are already sold out for Thanksgiving! 

Petite 4 | 4 N Latah | 5 Stars

They're actually having a holiday bake sale this Saturday! | Facebook Page

Granny C's | 5120 W Overland Rd | 5 Stars

Thanksgiving orders must be in by November 21 to ensure availability for the Thanksgiving holiday. | Website

Certified Kitchen + Bakery | 1511 N. 13th Street | 4.5 Stars

Order your 8 slice pie by Sunday for availability for Thanksgiving! | Website

Pastry Perfection | 5855 N Glenwood St | 3.5 Stars

Pastry Perfect has a variety of 9" pies still available for Thanksgiving Day! | Website


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