Learning to cook wings in that Instant Pot that you bought on Amazon Prime Day will make you feel like you can conquer just about anything. But...when National Wing Day falls on a Sunday, we feel like you deserve a break and that someone else should cook up that chicken-y goodness for you! 

This Sunday, July 29 is National Chicken Wing Day and there are a bunch of Treasure Valley restaurants throwing their hats in the ring with free wings or discount deals! Here's some of the places where you can score big!


Planning on eating at Wingstop this Sunday? When you order anything off the regular menu, they'll give you your choice of five free boneless or traditional wings to add to your order.  They've got locations in Meridian and Nampa.

Buffalo Wild Wings

During college football season, Buffalo Wild Wings is basically a food group for me so I'm all about this one.  Dine-in guests will get a free snack order of wings when they purchase a small, medium or large order of traditional or boneless wings off the regular menu.

Old Chicago

Laugh at me all you want for being at Old Chicago several days a week.  I've gotten so much free food over the years for being a member of their OC Rewards program, so the joke's actually on you! OC Rewards members should have an e-mail in their inbox for an offer of a FREE tall order of wings with and $11 purchase this Sunday.  The tall orders are huge, so if you go buy something for lunch and get these boxed up, you'll be set for dinner too!

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