Living with an amateur chef that makes a killer adult grilled cheese sandwich, we know it's hard to outdo a good homemade sandwich. 

But somedays? Between meetings, deadlines and following up on e-mails that just keep piling up in your inbox the workday can get downright exhausting. When both your mind and body are just totally burnt out, the last thing that you want to do is spend time in the kitchen making dinner. You just want warm, gooey comfort food to help heal your soul.

Facebook/Totally Toasted
Facebook/Totally Toasted

That's where these fifteen Treasure Valley area restaurants step up to the plate to help you out! Each of them has put a unique spin on one of your favorite childhood comfort foods, the grilled cheese sandwich. No two of these sandwiches are the same and who knows, trying one of them may inspire you to do something new and unique to YOUR homemade grilled cheese on the days you do have the energy to cook!

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Editor’s Note: In a few days, Boise’s Grilled Cheese scene as you know it will be flipped upside down. Meltz Extreme, an award-winning Coeur d’Alene restaurant that revolves around grilled cheese sandwiches, sent out an e-Blast to folks interested in being invited to their preview night saying that the preview night is projected for “next week.” (The e-blast was dated October 25 if you’re trying to do the math.) We previewed what’s to come a few months back. Take a look at what you have to look forward to HERE!  

15 Of the Gooiest, Fanciest Grilled Cheese Sandwiches In and Around Boise

When it comes to comfort food, it's hard to beat the cheesy goodness of a grilled cheese sandwich! These are Treasure Valley restaurants take an old childhood favorite and put a whole new spin on them!

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12 Sandwiches We Can't Wait to Try at Boise's New Extreme Grilled Cheese Restaurant

Couer d'Alene's Meltz Extreme Grilled Cheese is expanding into Boise this summer! These are their sandwiches we can't wait to try. They also let guests create their own sandwiches, so if there's a combination you don't see here, they can probably make it happen! 

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