Trying to keep up with the latest social media trends can be exhausting! Why are our timelines full of 🚩 posts?

The Red Flag Emoji Meme Explained

We're not exactly sure how this trend exploded in a matter of days, but according to CNET the use of this particular emoji increased 455% over the past week. The concept of the trend is pretty simple. People post a statement that when said in conversation, raises a "red flag" as to why this is someone you don't or need in your life based on that opinion. They then follow it-up with a bunch of  🚩 emojis.

Since the most common use of the term "red flags" relates back to dating, it's no surprise that initially that's what many of the Tweets were about but as the emoji started trending the opinions morphed into all kinds of things.

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Major Brands Express Their Own Red Flags

So, naturally social media managers at some of the most well known brands in the world saw an opportunity to grab some of the attention themselves. The Zoom tweet had to be one of the greatest.

The 11 Most "Boise" Red Flag Memes on the Internet

Not the one to be left out of anything, Boise companies, influencers and social media users decided to go for it too! Here's some of our favorite Boise based red flag tweets that have popped up over the last 48 hours!

FACT! And we're very much looking forward to getting a little noisy in Boise for the first time in 594 days when the Steelheads FINALLY return to action at Idaho Central Arena. Their first game of the 2021-22 season against the Utah Grizzlies is on October 22.

There needs to be a follow-up "I don't like Christmas lights 🚩🚩🚩"  tweet come Thanksgiving weekend when the Idaho Botanical Garden opens Winter Garden aGlow for the season.

This has got to be THE most played out sign from opposing teams during Boise State games.

How often do you actually leave Albertsons with ONLY the things on your shopping list? It becomes exceptionally hard to do when you shop at one of the fancy stores on Broadway in Boise or Fairview in Meridian.

We love that the Hawks took this opportunity to poke fun at their cross state, Pioneer League rivals.

Once of the most heated debates in the Boise food world.

We're starting to love Molly and her hot takes. Why not Pocatello? Four words. Abducted in Plain Sight. 

Listen, Boise has some of the highest melanoma rates in the country. We can't disagree with this one. Skin cancer isn't cool. Take the five minutes to lather that stuff on.

We don't know Skull Kid Nico personally, but his profile says he's from Boise and we agree with this sentiment. We don't need that sort of negativity in our lives.

We're a little worried about our friends at Channel 6. Everything ok over there, Jake? We get it. Someone lied to us about pickle flavored Candy Canes in the radio station breakroom once!

And Evan drops the mic...

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