Hubby and I finally caved and watched Abducted in Plain Sight last night and I'm disturbed on so many levels, but this was the first thing that bothered me and now I know why. 

If you're not familiar with Abducted in Plain Sight, the 2017 true crime documentary was just released on Netflix.  Through a series of interviews with the Broberg family, we learn about the strange and downright disturbing events leading to Jan, one of the Broberg children, being abducted from her Pocatello home not once, but the same man. You leave the documentary wondering how any parent could allow an obvious predator to get that disgustingly close to your 12 year-old daughter.  It's easy to point fingers at the Broberg parents for enabling some really twisted things to happen.  At the same time, you feel a little bad for them because they are uncomfortably raw and honest through out their interviews in the documentary. They were just as brainwashed as their little girl. I don't want to spoil more of the story for those of you who have the stomach to watch the 90-minute film.

There were a lot of things that bothered me about Abducted in Plain Sight, but there was one thing I couldn't shake from the moment they should adult Jan's face for the first time. I know this lady. I've seen here somewhere before, but where?!

In the documentary, they mention Jan's love of acting several times.  As she recovered from the horrific events of her childhood, she went on to become have a pretty substantial career as an actress. When I found that out, it hit me where I knew her face from.  She appeared as a senior technician in 2014's Iron Man 3! If you're not a superhero nerd like me, you may have recognized her as Rita from the 2012 remake of Maniac or Nurse Louise from the television drama series Everwood. 

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