Whether you've lived in the Treasure Valley for a year or fifty years, there are certain things that all Boise-area residents should know. These things might be pop-culture related, history related, culture related, or geography related. If you have lived here for any more than thirty days, you should be able to get a perfect score on this quiz. If you do any worse than 80%, you should move back to California.

  1. This Breaking Bad star calls Boise home.
    1. Bryan Cranston
    2. Aaron Cranston
    3. Bryan Paul
    4. Aaron Paul
  2. Who is the current governor of Idaho?
    1. Gary Herbert
    2. Brad Little 
    3. Mike Pence
    4. Lauren McLean
  3. The tallest peak in Idaho is 12,662 feet. What is its name
    1. Standhope Peak
    2. Bald Mountain
    3. Thompson Peak
    4. Borah Peak
  4. What is Idaho's most significant export?
    1. Potatoes
    2. Integrated Circuits
    3. NFL-Ready football players
    4. Solar Conductors
  5. What is Boise's most populous suburb?
    1. Nampa
    2. Caldwell
    3. Meridian
    4. Star
  6. Boise is known as The City of __________"
    1. Geese
    2. Gems
    3. Leaves
    4. Trees
  7. What is the name of Boise's Minor League Baseball Team?
    1. Hawks
    2. A's
    3. Pilots
    4. Braves
  8. This 1980 film starring Clint Eastwood was filmed in the Treasure Valley.
    1. Napoleon Dynamite
    2. Ghost Dad
    3. Bronco Billy
    4. Pale Rider
  9. This sitcom starring Rob Lowe and Fred Savage was set in Boise.
    1. Parks and Recreation
    2. The Grinder
    3. Wayward Pines
    4. The Wonder Years
  10. This company is Idaho's largest employer, with nearly double the state's second-largest employer's employees.
    1. Albertson's
    2. The United States Air Force
    3. Boise State University
    4. Micron

Let's see how you did!  The correct answers are below:

1.) Aaron Paul  2.) Brad Little  3.) Borah Peak  4.) Integrated Circuits  5.) Meridian  6.) Trees  7.) Hawks  8.) Bronco Billy  9.) The Grinder  10.) Micron  

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