2020. The year many of us made the resolution to use as much as of our paid time off as possible, only to have most of those vacations stripped from us just three months in.

While traveling is still a bit risky, many of us are becoming more comfortable with boarding an airplane and spending time somewhere outside the Treasure Valley. In fact, if you had to cancel airfare for a vacation last year, you might be getting e-mails about how your airline is handling the credits on your account.

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I'm terrible about using my vacation time, but had a few long weekends planned last year: one for Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle and a half-marathon in my hometown back in Ohio. Both events got canceled, so I called off the trips and took the flight credits. Alaska's giving me until the end of this year to use the one I have waiting with them. United sent me an e-mail today telling me they're extending the window to use theirs until 2022.

Honestly, until I saw that e-mail, I totally forgot that I had those credits banked and I'm pretty stoked, because hubby and I were just discussing a summer vacation last week. His favorite baseball team is playing near where my sister and brand new baby niece live. They're only a short drive from a HUGE Marvel exhibit of the Museum of Science + Industry in Chicago.

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