Thousands of families from across the Treasure Valley made the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic part of their Labor Day Weekend. Whether you were at CapEd Kids Day, one of the morning launches or the Night Glow Spectacular, chances are you snapped a photo...or 100!

Well, it's time to narrow it down to your favorites because our friends Scott and Laurie Spencer, who really mastermind the balloon classic every year, our looking for the best fan photos from the 2019 event! Now through September 15, you can submit the snapshots you collected via Facebook Messenger (click the link, because the photos are submitted through a Spirit of Boise account, not our radio station's page.) They're looking for the best photos in three different categories:

  • Morning Launch
  • Night Glow
  • Altered Image

After the submission period has ended, they'll post the best of the best for you to vote on.  The winners in each category will receive a complimentary balloon ride on Media Day at the 2020 Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic.

We're still digging through the hundreds of photos we took last week, but wanted to share some of these from Lisa, who did fly on Media Day this year! We gave our listeners the opportunity to nominated their best friend who deserved to be "lifted high" for a free balloon ride. Kaitlyn introduced us to Lisa, who she's known since High School.  Lisa was there for Kaitlyn through absolutely everything including an ugly divorce, birth of her son and navigating the world as a single mom. They do practically everything together and Kaitlyn hopes that they'll be those old, crazy lady friends in a nursing home together one day. She's never been able to afford something extravagant to tell Lisa how much she really means to her so she nominated her for our balloon ride! We agreed that someone that selfless truly deserved the opportunity to check this off her bucket list.

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