It's not only your cosmetics but shampoos, perfumes, soaps, some of those day to day products you’ve been using for years could be poisoning you.

A lot of these products contain cancer causing ingredients.  According to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics there’s certain ingredients you need to stay clear of including, Parabens, Butylated compounds, Lead and Carbon Black, to name a few.  For a complete list you can click here.

That means you need read your labels!  And organic doesn’t always mean it’s good for you.

After reading this article, I went home and started looking at these products.  Virtually all of them had these dangerous ingredients.  Look at this picture.  It’s a hair wax that I use daily. I ordered it online, and as I’m inspecting the list, I notice several ingredients have been lined out.  What?!  So I went online and sure enough, they didn’t want me to see those cancer causing chemicals.

Knowing what’s in these products is just as important as knowing what’s in your food.  First you’ll need to know what to buy so click here and get started today!  The little changes you make today could save your life down the road.

Make it a healthy day!