If you get behind someone that's going a little slow on a two-lane road, the urge strikes to give it the gas and buzz around. Soon in Idaho, you may be able to break the speed limit without getting a ticket.  

The new bill introduced by Rep. Lance Clow of Twin Falls let's drivers have some leeway when it comes to passing slower cars on two-lane roads.

If the posted speed limit is 55 or over, the new bill would let you go 15 miles per hour above that to pass the slow car, without risking a ticket.

Right now in Idaho, there are no exceptions.  Go above the posted speeds and risk a ticket.  But this would let us have a burst of speed to pass, and it counts on our ability to slow down and accept the speed limit once we're finished.

The Transportation Committee voted this week to give the idea a full hearing, and that's happening today, Friday, February 10th.

Think it's a good idea?  We'll see what lawmakers say.

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