As Brenda and I came into work this morning, Brenda noticed the speed limit on Myrtle just after Capitol is now 25mph. It was a sneaky little 2 put over the 3 on the 35mph speed limit sign. It was really easy to miss, especially since it was on the right side of the road, and at 4:30 in the morning, everything to see is on the left, especially the Boise Police Car that was cruising in the left lane.

Just advising you to watch it, because even though it isn't in the work area for the Broadway Bridge, it's considered a work zone.  Being in a work zone means the fine doubles for speeding.

It's only a mile and you will be going just 10mph slower in that zone so rather than traveling that mile in one minute 43 seconds, it will now take 2 minutes 24 seconds, a whole 53 seconds longer.  I know it will seem like an eternity but it's less than a minute so slow down, take it easy, and think of this, you will still be able to float the river this summer.

Just checked with ITD and they confirmed that any work that would stop floating the river will be done. Nice to know the important things in life are being looked after.

Kevin Mee

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