The Boise CraigsList is always a treasure trove of bizarre stuff. It's unclear where these things came from or why anyone would hold onto these things. Often, I'm amazed to find out that these items were actually sold to someone on CraigsList, but as they say, "One man's trash..."

This week, I decided to focus on some items that were just different. Some of them are cool, some of them look like they might be fun, and some might just be good bargains. All of these finds would be great in an eclectic man cave.

Arnold Cut Out
Who wouldn't want to hang out with Arnold Schwarzenegger? For $10, you can hang out with him as much as you want. You can compare muscles or make funny Tik Tok videos with this life-sized cardboard cut-out.

Boise CraigsList

Shoe Repair Equipment
Are you constantly breaking the heel of your pumps? Have you ever thought about becoming a cobbler? For just $650, you can pick up the lost art of shoe repair. It could be an investment in your own business!

Boise CraigsList

Orchard Ladder
Do you ever have trouble reaching the top cabinet in your kitchen? Have you ever tried to install something on the roof, but your step stool couldn't quite get you there? For $30 and a drive to Marching, these will never be issues for you again! These orchard ladders will raise you 12 feet.

Boise CraigsList

Python Snake
Do you miss that relationship that you had with your attorney? Do you want a pet that will genuinely keep people out of your house? Maybe you need a snake! This isn't just any snake. This is a python. It's not venomous, it's a constrictor, and there have only been a few instances when a python has killed its owner. For $200, you can have the snake and everything you need to care for it.

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