Finding affordable housing in Boise has been difficult for the last several years. Everyone is looking for that diamond in the rough meant for them. Maybe you still need to find it. Maybe there's no such thing as a house destined just for you. Or you may be running across it right now.

I discovered this hidden gem on Boise's Craigslist during my routine search for a house in my price range. All kidding aside, it actually could be a hidden gem with the proper amount of work and a plot of land to put it on. No, it's not a new construction home on prime real estate, but it's affordable housing in an overpriced market and in a city running out of available space.

It may not be the envy of your friends, but their house doesn't feel like home. Their place is sterile and cold, but this could be warm and homey after some adjustments. The roof is just two years old, and you can't beat the price: FREE NINETY-NINE, which is how I say FREE!

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It is a single-wide trailer home with a solid floor. No, it's not perfect, but did you expect a free house to be move-in ready? Of course not! You'll want to do some painting and probably replace the carpeting. I recommend remodeling the kitchen, bathroom, living room, hallway, and bedroom, but did I mention that this house is free?

The only thing you need is a place to put it. There is a $5,000 deposit that you'll get back as long as you move it before the end of January. That's just over an entire month to have a plan as to where it's going to go.

Let's check out the inside!

Free House On Boise's Craigslist Just Needs Land

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And Since You Love Free Stuff!

Is it your birthday month? Awesome! Let's go score you some free stuff!

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