By now we've all heard about the 19-year-old girl who was injured when a man jumped off a bridge and landed on her in the Boise River.

Don't do that. It's illegal. Regardless of if you land on someone and cause injury or not.

The man who caused the injury could be facing serious charges, including battery. Had he not landed on the the woman, he'd still be in trouble. Boise law prohibits anyone from jumping within 50 feet of a floater. If you get caught, you could get fined up to $100. It gets much worse if you cause injury to another person.

Causing bodily harm to someone could be considered battery, which is a misdemeanor and could land you up to six months in jail. If things get really sticky and you're charged with aggravated battery, you could be looking at 15 years in prison.

Boise attorney David Leroy put it best:

It may be an infraction to jump, but it’s potentially a felony to land."


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