Idahoans are OBSESSED with the TV series "Yellowstone". Why you may ask? Well, the series is all too relatable to Idahoans, especially those who live only a few minutes from Yellowstone National Park.

Idaho boards Wyoming and Montana, and most residents have visited Yellowstone National Park, featured as the border of the Yellowstone Ranch. Especially those from South East Idaho. Outside of Boise's bustling city, most of Idaho is still farmland and resembles the scenery and small-town feel portrayed in Yellowstone.

Since the release of season 4, the Yellowstone series has become more popular than ever! With a tale as old as time: cowboys versus Indians and the fight for land.


So, we thought we'd make a list of Yellowstone characters that match the cities of Idaho, from A-Z.


Yellowstone Characters if They Were Towns in Idaho

Season 4 of Yellowstone is available now! You don't want to miss it.

Ever been to Yellowstone? Well, you need to.

6 Reasons to Road Trip to Yellowstone

28 Breathtaking Pictures from TV's Yellowstone Ranch

This popular show is filmed within driving distance from the Treasure Valley, and now fans can see what it's like to live like a Dutton by staying at the Yellowstone. Some lucky fans from around the country have been able to stay there recently, and their pictures are amazing. Special thanks to Dr. Peter Kozlowski, Hannah Boon, and Chief Joseph Ranch for allowing me to use these photos.

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