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If you've ever worked from home before the pandemic, you know that many people kind of looked sideways at you when you told them that. Some believed that your job wasn't real or that you only worked part time. It was simply impossible to wrap their heads around the idea that one could carry on a full-time job with a full salary from their living room.

And then the pandemic hit.

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A lot changed in the midst of the pandemic. We saw much of our workforce moving to a remote setup. Offices had to get creative with how to continue to conduct business without being face to face or even in the same building.

It was an adjustment, to say the least.

Now, it may be the new way to work and even the preferred way to work. I'm willing to bet that businesses were able to save money on the day-to-day expenses of operating an office building, when no one was there. I also think that some businesses may have seen a growth overall happiness with their employees with them being at home. No commute, no being stuck next to an annoying cubicle mate, and you could bring your dog to work with you every single day.

Which are just a few of the reason why I think this is sticking around.

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A recent survey took this to the next level.

According to this survey from Kintone, a whopping 76 percent of remote workers want to stay remote. The would "jump at the chance" to stay at home. To take things a step further, 72 percent of people working from home wouldn't even entertain the possibility of a job that didn't offer a remote setup.

Nearly half said their new priority when looking for work is to be able to stay at home. Why? It's simple really. Most people (71 percent) say that they have finally found a work-life balance.

In my opinion this will make people more productive during their time at the office. It will also make them happier and more willing to contribute. I'd even say that not being stuck in the car commuting back and forth has certainly loosened up some personal time.

What are your thoughts? Is this the future?

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