Meridian has been known for lots of great accomplishments.  It was once deemed the nation's #1 city... also one of the fastest growing cities in America... and now it's home to the world's largest hairball.


The Meridian city Wastewater Resource Recovery team just extracted something you'd only find in Sci Fi movies.  A hairball that weighs over 700 pounds.  Yeah, that's right... I said 700 pounds.  Ewwww!


The world renowned hairball was taken from a mixer at their facility.  They're reminding everyone to please do your part to protect Meridian's sewer system by not flushing wipes, trash, and sanitary products.


In the meantime, local residents are guessing what the city will do with the hairball.  Theories range from burning to dumping and maybe even trucking it out to another city.  The last theory is very doubtful.

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