We're legitimately devastated that the traveling pop-culture convention will not be coming back to Boise in 2019 after all. 

When the Nampa Civic Center hosted its first Treasure Valley Comic Con in 2017, I never expected to fall in love with the convention world as much as I did.  For three days, I was surrounded by like minded people who love dressing up and letting their nerd flag fly and it felt like home.  Treasure Valley Comic Con didn't return in 2018 and gave the floor to much larger national convention by the name of Wizard World.

Held at the Boise Centre on the Grove, Wizard World brought a little something for everyone whether you were in to sci-fi, superheroes, gaming or anime...oh yeah and William Shatner.  Those who attended last year were THRILLED that by Sunday afternoon, Wizard World staff was telling vendors and panelists that they'd be back in Boise next July.

But about a week later, I had a really bad gut feeling that the convention in Boise wouldn't be happening this year or that it would be impossible for them to book names as large as they had been for for their other 2019 shows (Jason Momoa, aka Aquaman, has been part of several Wizard Worlds this year.) Why? Because the gold standard in pop culture conventions, San Diego Comic announced their 2019 show would take place July 18-21, the same weekend Wizard World was planning to be in Boise.

My gut feeling was right. This week, several fans that had pre-purchased their tickets posted on Facebook that their accounts had been refunded and they've received e-mails saying the Boise event has been canceled.

Right now, there's no plans to revive the Treasure Valley Comic Con in 2019 to fill the hole left behind by Wizard World. Local vendor Turbo Comics, expressed their disappointment by throwing out an idea of launching their own summer convention and asked fans for name ideas/volunteers to be part of it.

Personally, I'm crushed.  I've been planning my three cosplay costumes for the weekend since last summer. Wonder Woman and Spider Gwen were done and ready to go. Hubby knew how much I was looking forward to adding Captain Marvel to the line-up, so he offered to take me to the San Diego Con.  Unfortunately, it's too late for Treasure Valley convention fans to buy passes and make that trip as the show is already sold out.

So your next best bet? Salt Lake hosts FanX twice a year. Their spring show, headlined by Val Kilmer (Batman,) Asher Angel and Zachary Levi (Shazam,) Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman,) Tom Felton (Harry Potter,) and Joonas Suotamo (Star Wars) is happening this weekend. Their fall convention is scheduled for September 5-7, but no guests will be announced until after the spring show wraps.

Seattle also hosts a convention called the Emerald City Comic Con that reunited the entire cast of Boise Meets World in 2019. George Takei, Ian Somerhalder and several cast members from Stranger Things were also guests. Unfortunately, they only host one con a year and you'll have to wait until March 12-15, 2020 for the next one.

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