"I heard we're supposed to get a foot of snow this weekend." My friend and I just stared blankly at the guy who uttered those words at Starbucks on Thursday afternoon.

While I stared, the voice in my head was screaming "NO! PLEASE NO!" The friend I was with is also my coach for the Lake Lowell Marathon and we have to move our 13 mile long run to Sunday this week since I'll be having fun with everyone at the Canyon County Kids Expo on Saturday.  I cringe at the thought of having to strap on my YakTrax and high step through that much snow for 13 miles.

Are we really getting that much snow this weekend? Not so much.  According to Channel 2, the valley floor is only supposed to get about 2-4 inches of snow when the storm rolls through Saturday. The higher you head up the trails, the more snow you could see. Parts of the foothills could see up to 7.

Where does this "foot of snow" the guy at Starbucks was talking about come in? Bogus Basin. The slopes could see 10-15 inches by the time the storm passes.

The National Weather Service has placed the Treasure Valley under a Winter Weather Advisory until 5 p.m. on Saturday. The heaviest snow will fall Friday night into Saturday morning.

Old man winter won't hang around long. It's supposed to warm-up back into the upper 40s on Sunday.

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