The most popular wedding date of 2020 is coming up this weekend, and Treasure Valley couples are forging ahead with plans to make sure the pandemic doesn't ruin the big day.  

October 10th is a pretty great date because 10-10 is so neat and tidy and even, and when you add the year 2020, well, it's going to be over-the-top fantastic for numbers geeks who want to get hitched.  The pandemic may be threatening, but I'm hearing that a lot of couples are digging in their heels and getting married anyway because 10-10-20 only rolls around once and they want the anniversary date.  Even if it's a smaller wedding than anticipated, the bride and groom own the calendar entry and accomplish their mission. said any date with a 2 in it works as a popular wedding date this year since we love it when numbers repeat.  We already have 2020 working for us.  The year may be a wreck, but he numbers look pretty on paper.  And the 20th of every month has been popular because dates like 1-20-20 were just too cool to pass up.  Those couples got the ceremony wrapped up before the pandemic hit, but many other couples who had weddings scheduled on great dates like 5-15-20 or 8-12-20 might have moved things around because of social gathering restrictions.  (The first two numbers in those dates add up to 20.  If you had to give that up, 10-10-20 is calling).

Wedding venues booked up quickly for Oct. 10, 2020, but there's always the backyard if you want to hurry up and throw something together for the weekend. Just grab the license, an officiant, and a few friends, and live happily ever after.  It would be crazy to tie the knot if you've only been dating your man for a few weeks, but then again, it's 2020, and stranger things have happened.

The napkins from the reception would be scrapbook worthy in so many ways.

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