Boise seems to be at the top or near the top when it comes to a lot of "The Best places...", "The Best Cities...", and in the short time that my wife and I have lived here we can see why. Here's another one of those list according to Boise is one of the best cities for families with children.

Why is Boise the 4th best place for families with children?

  • Excellent schools
  • Affordable community amenities
  • A variety of family-friendly activities.

But that's not the only reason, Bianca Birsan from shared that "Among the things that make it shine, Boise boasts the 11th-lowest cost for grocery shopping on our list. The city outranks most of the other urban hubs around the country in terms of grocery expenses, allowing families to pay a little less than most big-city residents for food. Moreover, childcare costs reach an average of $1,290 per month, slightly less than the average for residents of big cities, and most households with kids make close to $84K per year".

Photo by Bryce Boehler on Unsplash
Photo by Bryce Boehler on Unsplash

Did you know that Boise is ranked 10th for air quality?

That's because Boise is "first for community garden plots - with 4.5 of them per 1,000 residents."

Boise really has a lot of great things to offer and that has been seen for years, that's why there's such an influx of people moving to the Treasure Valley.

Top 5 cities to raise a family:

  1. Plano, TX
  2. Virginia Beach, VA
  3. Lincoln, NE
  4. Boise, ID
  5. Raleigh, NC

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