Kellen Moore still has not played a regular season NFL game yet - but that could change tonight!
Since Tony Romo was injured, Kellen (along with some other guy) have been rumored to be up for the quarterback of the team.   Tonight the Dallas Cowboys take on the Redskins in the big Monday Night Football game.   It's been hot and cold for Kellen.   I've heard he's been moved to the active roster, then I hear something about him possibly being cut from the team.   Now, I am hearing strong indications that tonight he might actually be able to demonstrate why we all love him here in Idaho.   What I really appreciate about Kellen is that whenever he's joined us in the studio he's always been very humble and extremely polite with none of the jock "swagger" you might expect.  Also he is very smart on the field and his team mates respect him.   He is such a nice guy - too bad we don't have a pro team we could put him on here in Idaho.

Kellen did warn a reporter for that when we got wind of the fact that he might possibly be playing tonight that we might "come after them" to put him on the field.

So...whaddaya say?   I don't think we necessarily need to "go after them."  But we could come up with a nice list of "encouraging" reasons why the Dallas Cowboys could benefit from having former Boise State Bronco,  Kellen Moore, (the most successful quarterback in college history!) as their quarterback.  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below or on our 107.9 Lite FM facebook page and I'll share our list with the folks in Irving, Texas.

Good Luck Kellen!  Hope tonight is the night that you finally get to play in your first NFL game!