It's hard to find a good pediatrician because your friends don't want to risk you taking their appointments, and doctors tend to recommend their friends, not necessarily the best pediatricians. We've compiled a list of the best pediatricians according to Yelp and Google Reviews. The scores swing wildly between Yelp and Google, so we have based these ranks on total reviews.

#1 Christie Julian, MD
999 N Curtis Rd
(208) 367-4321

  • Dr. Christine Julian is one of two pediatricians in Boise to have a 5-star average on Yelp and Google.

#2 Ada Pediatrics
650 E Cole Rd
(208) 323-1222

  • Ada Pediatrics is led by Dr. Ryan Lindsey. The Yelp average is only 2.5 stars based on only 5 reviews. 41 Google reviews average a 4.2.

#3 - John Joseph Kiehl, MD
1072 N Liberty St #203
(208) 302-5800

  • Dr. Kiehl is rated 5.0 on Yelp based on one review. Google has 17 reviews that also average 5.0.

#4 - Meridian Pediatrics
3653 N Locust Grove Rd
(208) 338-5437

  • Meridian Pediatrics only scores a 3.5 on Yelp, but that is based on 3 reviews. 120 Google reviews average a 4.5.

#5 - Treasure Valley Pediatrics
450 W State Street
(208) 939-1035

  • Based on three reviews on Yelp, Treasure Valley Pediatrics scored a 3.0, however, 11 Google reviews average a 4.7.

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