Who Is Boise's Best Pediatrician?
It's hard to find a good pediatrician because your friends don't want to risk you taking their appointments, and doctors tend to recommend their friends, not necessarily the best pediatricians. We've compiled a list of the best pediatricians according to Yelp and Google Reviews...
Nurses, Doctors, and Teachers Are the Most Trustworthy
If you had to pick someone to trust from a list including weather forecasters, business leaders, journalists, real estate agents, judges, and nurses, who would you pick? Most of us stick with the ones who might give us the greatest emotional connection, and it's not business leaders.
New Medical School in Meridian
If you've been on I84 between Eagle Road and 10 Mile recently, part of your trip has taken you past what will soon be Idaho's first Medical School currently under construction.
Idaho's Overworked Doctors
Many of us experience jobs where we feel like we're doing more work than our position might normally require. Idaho doctors can definitely understand, as they are the most overworked in the country.
A Judge Makes The Decision
The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled a 17 year old has to take Chemotherapy, even though she doesn't want it.  Cassandra C. is fighting Hodgkin's Lymphoma.