After the months of record-setting flows on the Boise River, many of us are waiting for the "all clear" to enjoy one of the perks of Boise in the summer:  Floating the river. 

It's been delayed since water flow was so fast, high, and damage had been done to the banks.  Now, Boise Fire Dive Team crews are surveying the usual hazards of debris, downed trees, and anything that would make floating unsafe.

If you've spent any time along the Greenbelt over the last week, you may have seen the team in action.  They are currently surveying the entire area opened for recreation to map where cleanup and removal still need to be completed, in preparation for float season.

While the water flow has now met the level required for recreation, the cleanup and safety preparations must be completed before we can get back out on the water.  The good news, it's coming soon!

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