A major marathon has already canceled for next spring, and organizers haven't committed to a new date yet.  This could be a sign that virtual races will be the norm in Boise for longer than we expect.

The Boston Marathon announced last week the April 2021 event would not be happening, and even though they're hoping to hold the race in the fall of 2021, but even that is not a guarantee.

CBS Boston said they'll hold the next marathon when "public health data shows that it is safe for all athletes and spectators to gather in large numbers."  No one knows exactly when that day will roll around, so we wait.

The Boston Marathon usually attracts 30,000 runners, and if cities with populations that large are not hosting trunk-or-treat events or holiday tree-lightings yet because of gathering restrictions, it may be a while before an event like the Boston Marathon can host that many people in one place for an event.  Music festivals, Super Bowls, and marathon organizers are all watching each other to see who moves forward and at what capacity, and so far it's baby steps.

Sometimes I think it may never be safe to run a marathon again, but that's mostly because I think I could only make it halfway before keeling over and it's not safe for me or my loved ones to have to deal with that layer of stress right now.  I do have a friend who has run the Boston Marathon and he said it was one of the most amazing experiences ever.  He will wait as long as it takes to run it again, and he'll conquer it.

Virtual runs may be the norm for the next year or so, not only in Boston, but in Boise, the Treasure Valley, and the rest of Idaho too.   This year's virtual Boston Marathon attracted almost 16,000 people from 83 countries who finished a 26.2-mile course in their own neighborhoods.  They seized the opportunity to be part of something huge and achieve monster goals despite the pandemic, and that put a big gold star on the calendar.

Take that 2020.

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