When the COVID-19 vaccine finally became available in Idaho, the rollout was a hot mess. That lead to plenty of jokes about who should REALLY be put in charge vaccine distribution sites. 

The timeline for distribution and who fell into what priority group was muddy. The way things were were originally laid out, it looked the general population wouldn't have the opportunity to receive the vaccine if they wanted it until May or June. Desperate to take a step forward toward a return to normal, people started calling around to get on "no waste" lists. When the State of Idaho opened their pre-registration system, 90,000 used the tool to help them find the first available appointment they were eligible for.

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But as we all know, it didn't take until May or June for the general public to access the vaccine. It was open season starting April 5. That's why Tweets like this make us laugh:

But do you know what the irony of that Tweet is? It's playing out in real life, in reverse here in the Treasure Valley. We LOVE spooky season, so we've been trolling the Spirit Halloween website for weeks trying to nail down exactly where and when this year's stores will open. Right now they're planning to open four stores in the Treasure Valley and one of the addresses had us scratching our heads.

2260 N Eagle Road, Meridian: Between Petco & Ulta

Wait a second...that's the old Gordman's. That's the very location where St. Alphonsus proudly opened the first permanent off-site mass vaccination clinic in Idaho back in February. How were both Spirit Halloween and St. Al's going to use the space?

Well, turns out there's no compromise to be made when it comes to the sad, deserted Gordman's store. St. Al's quietly closed the clinic in late July. Anyone who was scheduled to get their second dose there was rescheduled to get it at one of their physician clinics.

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So the answer to our initial question "When Boise COVID Vaccine Centers Close, Do They Become Spirit Halloween Stores?" is a verified YES in this case. Add abandoned vaccine clinics to the long list of empty store fronts that Spirit Halloween has snatched up in the Treasure Valley!

BTW, if you're looking for a costume there are four Spirit Halloween stores listed as "Coming Soon" in the Treasure Valley. The three other locations include:


5226 W Overland Rd | Next to Hillcrest Floral

512 N Milwaukee | Former Hallmark


1630 N Marketplace Blvd | Former Bed, Bath & Beyond

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