Hackers are always after something, and now it looks like they're going after your burrito fix.  They're trying to make charges to your credit card through the Chipotle app, but there is one simple thing you can do to stay ahead of them.  

Several people with an account on the Chipotle app have noticed charges that they didn't make, ranging from $10 to $40 or more.  A Reddit thread has been keeping track of hacked accounts.

In a statement to an Ohio TV station, Chipotle said,  "Chipotle customer accounts, like accounts for many other retail, hotel, and restaurant companies, have had instances of ‘credential stuffing,’ where usernames and passwords stolen from other companies are tested to see if they work."

If you're not regularly checking order history on the Chipotle app or regularly checking your bank account you could miss the new, unscrupulous charges.  Your bank will usually reverse them, but it's still a pain, and it makes you wonder what the hackers are going to try next.

How can you keep the hackers out?

It's the simple solution that we hear over and over.  Change your password.  If hackers are testing your username and password combo on the Chipotle app, changing half of that formula will keep them locked out.

And then you can dig into that Burrito Bowl in peace.

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