Just by saying the words "I'm going to start a diet in 2019" you've already exercised more will power than me.

That's probably because I'm still enjoying leftovers from the same Instant Pot full of  3 Cheese Macaroni I made on New Year's Day.  The amount of carbs I've consumed for lunch and dinner every day this week is the complete opposite of a diet. Oops.

That said, if you're making the right recipes having an Instant Pot in the home makes meal prep for your new lifestyle diet a piece of cake.  Plug it in on Sunday night and you can fill up Tupperware containers with healthy meals that match the playbook of your meal plan in minutes.  As long as you don't forget lunch in your home fridge on the way into the office, you've already won half the diet battle.

Eating out while you're dieting? Now that's the biggest challenge! I did the NutriMost diet a few years ago and it forced me to become the most anti-social person ever.  I hated making special requests like my steak being cooked without oil or my salad without a specific fruit or veggie that was "too high in sugar content." I was embarrassed and I felt like I was embarrassing my friends by being "difficult." It was just easier to eat at home.

The good news if you've adopted a new diet as your 2019 New Year's resolution? There's FINALLY a restaurant that understands that painful experience and is catering specific bowls to match the guidelines for popular diets like Whole30, Keto and Paleo! Starting today, Treasure Valley Chipotle lovers can order the bowl best matching their diet without asking all those questions!

According to the Today Show, the Mexican grill partnered with Whole30 co-creator Melissa Hatwig Urban to design their new "lifestyle bowls." While building the ingredient list, she was sure to leave out things like legumes in the Whole30 bowl because beans and grains, like rice, are against the rules. In the Paleo bowl, she left out sour scream and cheese since dairy is a no-no in that arena. The Keto bowl adds the cheese back in since it's a staple in the no-carb, high-fat diet.

What's the Catch?

You can't actually order the bowls if you walk into the restaurant without requesting a special order where you build it from scratch.  According to Delish, the only way to request these bowls by name is by ordering through Chipotle's mobile app or website.

The good news?  In the long run that actually saves you time in the restaurant! You can order for pick-up or delivery and skip the line once you get to Chipotle.

Hope this makes your New Year's dieting a little easier! Click HERE to see what each bowl includes!

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