Oh don't mind us. We're just over here being the proudest we've ever been to be Idahoans.

Thanks to our good friends at Chipotle, the numbers are in. And folks in Idaho freakin' love us some burritos. They did some intel, and discovered each state's burrito-eating habits. How does that even work? Basically, they measured how many burritos are ordered per capita, and Idaho did pretty damn well.

Per Chipotle's number crunching, Idaho came in 5th in the nation for burrito consumption. Only bested by Wyoming, Montana, Utah, and Colorado. Why the top five states are all in the West is beyond me, but it seems like we're in pretty good company. Unfortunately, Idaho didn't top the list when it came to knowing guac is extra and ordering it anyway. That honor goes to Maine. Because literally the only thing to do in Maine is to order Chipotle.

While we're on the subject, know this: Burritos are better than tacos. In every way imaginable. Fight me.

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