It’s estimated that on average, Americans will spend 23 hours either behind the wheel, riding shotgun or napping in the backseat during summer road trips each year. 


How does your family like to pass the time? We know that trying to spot license plates from all 50 states is a tried and true road rip favorite. Some families like to play the ABC game, where you spot words on signs that contain an “A,” the next word contains a “B” and well, you get the idea. Growing up, our parents loved to stick us with a deck of BrainQuest trivia questions so that we could quiz our siblings. 

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Looking for somewhat bizarre roadside attractions is a sometimes overlooked way to break up unplanned potty breaks and the kids asking “Are we there yet?!” That’s why Cheapism decided to put together a list of some of the strangest roadside attractions in America to keep the trip interesting! 

They chose a single attraction from each of the 50 states for their list, so we dove in to find out the choice from Idaho and our surrounding states! Honestly? We’re pretty relieved that they didn’t pick one of the stereotypical potato attractions for the Gem State! Since the attraction is a little over five hours from Boise, you may not realize that it even existed.

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