While we were having drinks at a Southeast Boise restaurant, we playfully got scolded by a woman who had the privilege of retiring. The lesson she tried to impart on us struck a nerve, but in a good way.

It was a Friday after 5 p.m. Most of us in the office still had a pile of responsibilities to get through if we wanted to have any chance of enjoying the weekend. It was one of those work weeks that felt like it was a year long, so we desperately needed a change of venue while we finished up. We packed up our laptops and headed over to The Refuge for a beer and dinner. An older couple was finishing up and gave us their table. As we pulled out our computers and set them up like we were playing Battleship against each other, the wife asked “Are you two working?” 

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When we replied yes, she told us to stop. “It’s the weekend. Get that all done Monday through Friday from 8-5. You’ll never get this ‘you’ time back again.” While what she was asking us to do was far easier said than done, we knew that she was right. Vacation time and weekends off are always listed as “benefits” of a job and all of us deserve to use them.

While you may not feel like you’re programmed to take a week-long vacation, you wouldn’t mind burning a day of PTO to enjoy a long weekend trip.  Well, the perfect destination for that trip could be hiding in your home state! 

Prevention Magazine Names “The Most Underrated City to Visit in Idaho”

Their pick was revealed as part of a larger list of “The Most Underrated U.S. Cities to Visit in Every State.” Prevention wasn’t exactly clear what the criteria was to beat every other city in the state was to earn a place on the list. They simply said that the cities were ones you drive through or fly over without stopping to visit. (We said visit. You can't move there. You gotta go home!) 

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

We’re not sure that accurately describes the city they chose in the Gem State because it’s a relatively well known vacation destination for people already living in Idaho. That city? Coeur d’Alene. 

In choosing CDA, they said:

Known best for the plethora of water sports to be enjoyed on the lake from which the city derives its name, this city also has a large resort with the state’s best-rated golf course. There’s also the Canfield Mountain Natural Area to be explored, and a national forest to boot

While we think that CDA is too widely known to fit in on a list like this, we do think that there are plenty of fun reasons to visit…including its world-renowned golf course! Here’s a glimpse of what’s waiting for you.


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