There are times I feel just a little old, then I think, "Wait, I've experienced things kids of today will never know."  If you want to know about things from years ago, ask, I'll share stories and try to bring them alive as much as possible.

So here it is the list of things the class of 2019 has never been without.

Click here to see the list of things the class of 2019 have never lived without.

As I looked at the list, I got to thinking about how science fiction has turned into science fact.  From Star Trek to Star Wars, items we use everyday were once fiction.  When Captain Kirk spoke into a communicator, today we use cell phones and that's just one example.

So as you go through your life, don't feel old, feel all the things you've had the pleasure to experience and when I say feel them, think back and remember the feeling you got to first see them.  There was a time when Santa Claus was a superhero, today I wonder if anyone even believes in him anymore For that matter, I can see the day when he is de-gendered (yes I just came up with a new word).

Below put just one thing you had that this graduating class will never experience except in a museum.

Kevin Mee