More Locations Are Adding Adulting Classes
UC-Berkley just added adulting classes to the curriculum, and more colleges are adding programs like that all the time. If you need a refresher, we've got adulting classes right here in Boise too. But what do they teach?
What The Class Of 2019 Has Never Been Without
There are times I feel just a little old, then I think, "Wait, I've experienced things kids of today will never know."  If you want to know about things from years ago, ask, I'll share stories and try to bring them alive as much as possible...
See How The Years Flew By
Brenda for some reason was looking at her high school class from Facebook.  I must admit there isn't another woman she went to school with that can hold a candle to her, but it made me look at my class.  Woooooooopsy, bad move.
Some of the very people I thought would change the world l…