Brenda for some reason was looking at her high school class from Facebook.  I must admit there isn't another woman she went to school with that can hold a candle to her, but it made me look at my class.  Woooooooopsy, bad move.

Some of the very people I thought would change the world look like they have to change their underwear on a constant basis.  Others who were the wallflowers, look like they've been and seen more than any of us should, (like Bill Cosby naked).

There are ones that got married right out of school and still are, others who got married still out of school and still different people.  There are ones who have girlfriends or boyfriends and we kind of figured they would, if you get my drift, (hey it was the '70's, we didn't really care).

If you want a time vampire, just go to Facebook and put in your high school, class of what ever year.  You are about to enter the "Time Zone."

Sorry but I'm not about to reveal what year I graduated.

Kevin Mee