Idaho is an interesting place, and the high school mascots' names across the Gem State reflect that. If nothing else, it reflects the creativity of the people in charge of naming school mascots! I can only guess how some of these names were given to these schools. Here are the five mascot names that I found the most unique.

Clark Fork Wampus Cats (Clark Fork)
Clark Fork's Wampus Cat mascot is creative because it's a mythical creature. Recently, it was put into the Harry Potter Universe by JK Rowling. Clark Fork's Wampus Cat has been the mascot for over 75 years. The mascot pays tribute to the Native Americans who lived in the area and told tales of the cougar-like cat.

Community Cutthroat Trout (Sun Valley)
Community High School in Sun Valley chose to go with the Cutthroat Trout. The fish isn't called cutthroat because of the way it acts but because of its jaw shape. The cutthroat trout is popular among fishermen for fly fishing all over Idaho.

Orofino Maniacs (Orofino)
Orofino High School may have the most unique name in the state. I don't know of many high schools anywhere that have named themselves the Maniacs. Perhaps that's because it's an actual psychological condition, just like depression and bi-polar syndrome. As more people begin to speak openly about mental health, it will be interesting to see if the Manics remain the mascot.

Sugar-Salem Diggers (Sugar City)
In Sugar City, Sugar-Salem High School went with The Diggers. You might think that digger refers to someone digging a ditch or a character from the TV show, Dallas, but in this case, it's another word for sugar beet. I like the name because it is so perfect for the part of the state that the school represents.

Shelley Russets (Shelley)
Surprisingly, the only high school to make their mascot a potato is Shelley. The Russet Potato is another term for an Idaho Potato. Shelley even has someone dressed in a potato costume at its sporting events!

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