Let's pretend for a moment that we don't really know everything there is to know about Bogus Basin. Let's use our imaginations and pretend that underneath the ski resort and summer outdoor getaway spot that we all love so much is a volcano. One day this volcano erupts on Boise, much like Mount Vesuvius erupted on Pompeii. In an instant, Boise is no longer a bustling city. No longer is it the dream of millions of Californians. It is now just a legend and many years later becomes a snapshot of life at this moment. What would a person who knew nothing of life in Boise learn from observing this frozen moment? If this snapshot of life in the Treasure Valley were studied and became our legacy, would we be proud of it?

There are two ways to look at this question. One is to look at your life and decide if what you're doing with it is something you want to be remembered for. For the purpose of this article, however, I thought we'd take a look at the entire city.

I think that someone seeing Boise through this lens would be impressed with some of the things they found. They would be impressed with the Greenbelt, the Zion Bank building. If the blue turf survived, they would definitely enjoy Albertson's Stadium. Speaking of Albertson's, the Albertsons on Broadway would be a great find.

The legacy of Pompeii is one of romance and luxury. The case could be made that Boise's legacy would be similar, but with more survivors.

20 chilling photos of the empty streets in downtown boise during the 2020 Pandemic

This is what Downtown Boise looked like during the first month of the pandemic back in 2019. A friend of mine took these photos with his son as the streets were empty and locked down to Idaho. This is a dark and quiet time that we'll never forget.

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