We might all agree that Boise doesn’t have the best drivers but why can’t we have the nicest drivers? It seems there’s been a string of road rage incidents occurring around the Treasure Valley and we received a video from a listener, Mason, showing us another one.

The incident took place at the light at Fairview and Cole this past weekend involving two drivers and a passenger.

“I was just driving home, minding my own business when I heard yelling,” Mason shared in a message with us, “When I heard yelling and looked over to see both cars very close together, they were yelling at each other.”

That’s when things really got out of hand.

“A lady got out of her silver car, she first tried to get into the other car and the other lady in the silver came out with the back of her head rest and slammed into the other car’s window,” said Mason, “That’s when you hear my gasp.”

“Then they decide to get back into the car and then back out and grab the other car’s wipers.”

The video is intense and apparently, the incident continued further when the women in the “attacking” car were spotted tailgating the other video. Mason shared a comment from the video she posted in Boise – Bad Driver Spotted.

“I watched these vehicles turn onto Ustick last night and the older car had its hazards on with the wiper blade still up. The younger people in the newer vehicle were driving recklessly right behind the lady. Almost hit her two different times in [a] matter of 5 seconds. Swerving all over the road and then continued to follow her when she turned off to a residential road. Not sure what happened after that.”

What happened to cause this road rage incident? We may never know but we do know that this is beginning to become a more common occurrence in the Treasure Valley. Stay safe out there.

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A wild road rage incident is caught on camera and it happened right here in Boise at the corner of Fairview and Cole. Scroll on to see the shocking footage.

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