Doesn't it feel good to vote?  I think it does.

There are things that motivate us to get to the polls, besides the obvious opportunity to weigh in on the next four years.

The kids are talking about the election at school, and if Mama doesn't vote, they will be on my case!  What else encourages you to get to the polls?

Early voting numbers have been high, and the Presidential election is expected to keep driving us to vote.  You might find the biggest lines during the lunch hour and after work, but steady lines are expected all day.  And that's ok.  Voting isn't supposed to be super-convenient.  The Presidential race gets the most attention, but there are plenty of state and local races to weigh in on too.

What motivates you?  USA Today is hoping the "Voting Because" hashtag catches on today.  Some of the common reasons people vote:

My vote can change the world.

It's the first year I can.

I want the sticker.

It's my right.

It's my duty.

I love my country.

And the kids want me to! #votingbecause  So much pressure on parents to set a good example and all.  There it is again.

Is it a ranting Facebook friend that motivates you?  A parent?  You want your voice to be heard?  Your boss will let you off for an hour?  You love a certain candidate, or just can't stand another?

It's a lot more exciting watching election results roll in tonight, knowing that you were a part of the process.

Polls are open from 8am to 8pm across Idaho.  Don't forget your ID!

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